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Про удачу (на англ)
Из письма другу:

Dear Annette,

It seems that over time "Luck" has gotten tech savvy.

In the 1980s we used to get hand written letters. You had 10 days to write 10 letters. As progress went along, and lives got more hectic, "Luck" figured out (after initial marketing test and focus-groups) that to get somebody re-send it, the process needs to be simplified. In the mid-90s when email was just getting started, it was a text, just like what I am typing now. The number of re-sends went up to 20 and the time frame went down to 48-96 hours. To make things easier further, Luck turned into an attached power point presentation, because people would not copy and paste a text, even for Luck.

Now the process is made so easy. It appears that the only people, who would not get any luck, would be lazy bums, or those without computer and Internet. This basically puts the 90% of World population out of Luck. Which sadly enough corresponds with reality of our times.

By this logic Luck is not random at all, as we were used to believe. Well, we knew that some people were luckier than others. However, American dream, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and many other belief systems promoted hard work to succeed as opposed to relying on luck. Many even do not care about Luck, as they forsake this world for another for whatever reasons.

Another reason for Luck moving into the realm of Internet, thus effectively limiting its distribution, could be that there is not much of it to begin with. So, as population grows, more and more people will be out of Luck, because Luck decided to segregate the distribution process. Luck by definition should come to a few selected. Otherwise it's not Luck, but Heaven on Earth. Even then, based on major religions, few will be un-Lucky and be turned down.

This opens up a whole Pandora’s box of further philosophical discussion of place, role and evolution of Luck.

I am sure a whole PhD dissertation could be written on evolution of concept of Luck, from theological, historical and scientific approach.

Stay well, and may the Force be with you. (It seems that Force is more socially conscious phenomena and could be spread over to a larger number of people)


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